Seven Steps to Carrying Legally

We hope to see you in our HCP class very soon! For details on the application process, please visit our main HCP Course page and the Tennessee handgun permit website. In a nutshell, here is the process* we encourage you to follow, in seven easy steps:

Step #1

Check our schedule and sign up for a permit class. The course calendar and registration forms are available online for your convenience. Reserve your spot today!

Step #2

Start your application on the Tennessee HCP website and record your confirmation number. You’ll need that number later when you arrive for class.

Step #3

Come to class, do well, and have fun. Don’t forget to bring your confirmation number! And if you don’t have a handgun, please don’t buy one yet. We’ll give you lots of tips on how to make an informed purchase.

Step #4

Take your application fee, proof of citizenship, and a photo I.D. to a full-service Tennessee diver’s license station. They’ll process your payment and snap the photo for your permit.

Step #5

Make an appointment to be fingerprinted. Your online application on the TN handgun permit website will have details on how to get started with fingerprinting. Keep checking your application for status updates.

Step #6

Be patient. If everything is approved, your permit will come in the mail soon. Remember, you cannot legally carry a firearm until your permit arrives. So don’t get ahead of yourself!

Step #7

Your permit has arrived! Congratulations! Now, please be responsible, be safe, and continue your training. We offer lots of courses for newly-permitted concealed carriers. Please browse our website or contact us for more information. We look forward to training with you again.

NOTE: Starting in January of 2020, this process will only apply to the enhanced handgun carry permit. We’ll offer separate training for the new concealed carry permit (a/k/a the “mini-permit”). What’s the difference? We’ve put together some information to help explain.