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Welcome to Citizens Safety Academy! CSA takes pride in giving good people self-confidence and peace of mind. We teach home defense and personal protection strategies for everyday citizens, business proprietors, and families. If you would like to empower yourself against crime and other dangers in today’s challenging world, please consider signing up for one of our classes. We look forward to training with you and your loved ones.

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What do we teach?

Are you looking for ways to better safeguard your home and family? Have you been properly trained on how to secure your firearm(s) to avoid accidents? Do you have firearm anxiety, fears, or even phobias that you’d like to overcome? Are you more interested in personal safety tools that don’t involve firearms at all? Whatever your needs may be, Citizens Safety Academy is happy to accommodate you.

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Who are we?

The CSA instructors are different from most. We have decades of experience teaching personal defense, but we also have enough years still ahead of us to remain energetic and open-minded. Rather than just borrowing from military and law enforcement, we teach defensive techniques for everyday citizens, whose goals and contexts are often very different from those of most soldiers and cops. Most importantly, we go out of our way to make our students feel comfortable, to respect their time and investment, and to make defensive training accessible, practical, and enjoyable for all. Please click any of the images below to learn more about our instructors.

Aqil Qadir

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Ryan McCann

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