Concealed Handgun Carry Permit

Did you know?

As of January of 2020, Tennessee now has not one but two different handgun carry permits: the Concealed Handgun Carry Permit (a “mini permit” with restrictions) and the Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit (exactly like what we had prior to January 2020). We’ve compiled some information here on our website to help you learn more about the differences between the two.

Introducing… CCP Express!

Citizens Safety Academy has developed a new curriculum to meet the needs of anyone planning to apply for the new Concealed Handgun Carry Permit under Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1366. We’re offering a new line of in-person and online courses called CCP Express. This coursework is designed to meet the lighter training requirements for the CHCP. CCP Express features condensed overviews of the following topics:

  • Firearms safety rules
  • Handgun action types and features (nomenclature)
  • Handgun uses and purposes
  • Basic marksmanship skills and techniques
  • Safe storage of firearms and ammunition
  • Safe transportation and safe storage methods in vehicles
  • Safe handgun cleaning instructions
  • Basic current Tennessee law on carrying handguns

While we highly recommend continuing on to more in-depth training, CCP Express will at least meet the minimum statutory training requirement for the new concealed handgun carry permit. We’ve already added CCP Express to our calendar, so you can sign up today!

In order to apply for a Concealed Handgun Carry Permit, follow the steps below. Please note that you can take the training class either before you complete the application or afterwards (either way is fine):

  • Complete an online permit application (alternatively, you can fill out the paper application in person when you arrive at the driver’s license station)
  • Take a state-approved training course (CCP Express satisfies that requirement)
  • Print the course completion certificate
  • Print and fill out the State’s Proof of Training form
  • Take your photo ID, course completion certificate, and proof of training form to any full-service driver’s license station in Tennessee
  • Pay the application fee and have your photo taken at the driver license station
  • The driver license station agent will give you instructions on how and where to be fingerprinted
  • Follow those instructions to have your fingerprints taken
  • Wait for the application to be processed (you can check your application status online)
  • Wait for your permit to arrive in the mail (if approved)

Remember that you cannot legally carry until you have your permit card in hand.

  • The training course is cheaper.
  • The application fee is cheaper.
  • The training course is shorter.
  • You can train online if you like.
  • The training course can be a good stepping-stone in preparation for more in-depth training.
  • You can fill out the state application either online or in person at the driver’s license station.
  • The permit authorizes you to carry a handgun concealed in public.
  • It’s not as detailed or complete as the enhanced carry permit class.
  • The online version doesn’t offer real-time interaction with instructors (but in our online class, you can contact the instructors by phone or email any time you have a question).
  • It doesn’t include live-fire (if you’re interested in live-fire, consider our enhanced handgun carry permit class.
  • It doesn’t include the option of a lifetime permit.
  • It might not enjoy the same widespread reciprocity (recognition by other states) as the enhanced carry permit now does.

For more details and FAQs on the concealed permit versus the enhanced permit, please see our dedicated page with more comparisons and links to resources.

In the video below, CSA Instructor Tiffany Johnson offers her thoughts on the new online training option for Tennessee’s concealed carry permit.

Online training isn’t for everyone. But if you’re going that route, we know you have lots of options to consider. In addition to our many five-star reviews and our 60+ years of combined experience, here are 20 quick reasons why CSA is your best choice for online permit training.