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Training & Education


There are thousands of firearms trainers out there, and not all of them are created equal. We strongly encourage our students to seek out training from a diverse array of instructors, but we also caution people to always research trainers’ credentials, read student reviews, and ask any questions that arise before signing up for a trainer’s class. Below is a list of some of the organizations and individuals we know well, and we highly recommend all of them.




Networking & Outreach

In addition to taking classes, we encourage everyone to seek out opportunities to network and socialize with others who prioritize self-defense, Second Amendment rights, and equal access to education and training in firearm safety. If you haven’t already done so, consider joining national groups like the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America. Even if we don’t always agree on everything, each of these groups desperately needs a diverse array of voices at the table to ensure they always hear the grassroots perspective.

Another great way to learn, grow, and give back is by joining local gun clubs, being a member of your local range, and attending informational meetings and community events. Take advantage of these valuable resources, and don’t be shy about voicing your opinions and concerns. CSA’s founder, Aqil Qadir, was introduced to safe and responsible firearms culture though his father’s gun club in New York, and he has continued that tradition by starting an affiliate chapter in Tennessee. For more information on those clubs, please click any of the links below.

Media & Communication

If you’re a trainer, we also highly recommend Front Sight Press. FSP is run by one of CSA’s very own: Tiffany Johnson. In addition to teaching classes with CSA, Tiffany is also a lawyer, a college instructor, and a presentation consultant. Front Sight Press is her way of helping shooters and trainers improve their instructional design, web branding, and communication effectiveness. Tiffany designed and maintains this website for CSA, and she’s done work for several other notable training companies. If you’re in the market for a simple, cost-effective website or other branding or teaching materials – especially if your business involves personal defense, law, or education – please consider Tiffany and Front Sight Press. For larger projects, we also highly recommend Control Alt Designs, a full-service e-commerce and web services company run by Tiffany’s brother, Collin.

We encourage you to revisit this page often, as we plan to update it periodically as we encounter more top quality trainers and organizations and add them to our list.