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Below is a sampling of some of the feedback our students have offered after training with CSA. We hope it gives you a better idea of what to expect when you take our classes. Maybe soon we can add your positive review to the list! To read more reviews or to add your own, please see our Google listing or visit our Facebook page.

Facebook Reviews

  • I worked and trained with Aqil. He is an awesome guy and Amazing trainer. People that take his class are well informed and well trained. Best of luck in the future!!

    Paula West Maynard Avatar
    Paula West Maynard

    positive review The staff is well versed in personal security and convey that knowledge to the students efficiently. They use the combination of books, training aids, and PDF presentations for their classes. Aqil Qadir, Tiffany Johnson, and Ryan McCann are very enthusiastic instructors. I like them both professionally and personally.

    Greg Knox Avatar
    Greg Knox

    positive review My experience at CSA was outstanding. It was the best money spent on myself in a long time. I received top notch training from professionals and personal attention on things that needed correcting. The staff was very professional and yet approachable. By the time I left class, I learned the information I came for and gained confidence in my skill, even if I did have trifocals, and felt as if I... Read More

    Angela Lamb Avatar
    Angela Lamb
  • positive review Each lesson empowers me to continue to master myself in all areas, not just safety.

    Dayna Jaye Avatar
    Dayna Jaye

    positive review Took my TN Handgun Carry permit class today. What a great class and the instructors are top notch. They took time to answer any questions we had in the class and on the range. I will be taking more classes with CSA! So happy I picked CSA to take my class.

    Wade Jones-Ray Avatar
    Wade Jones-Ray

    positive review I had a good time and learned alot, all of the instructors were great, go there! you won't be dissatisfied

    Clint Page Avatar
    Clint Page
  • Instructor is very knowledgeable and made the class enjoyable. I plan on attending more of his classes.

    Nikki Hills Avatar
    Nikki Hills

    Just went through the handgun safety course yesterday, far more comprehensive and professional than I might have expected. I highly recommend Aquil and staff for all the thorough information imparted during the class as well as at the range. Great job gentlemen. Folks this is the place to go
    To have all your fears removed.

    Donald Tanner Avatar
    Donald Tanner

    positive review I cannot say enough for the team of fantastic instructors at Citizens Safety Academy. The level of comfort and encouragement that these men provided was exceptional. As a first time attendee and complete novice to gun safety, my fears have been eased and brain filled with knowledge and experience. I look forward to learning more for this great group of instructors and people. Thank you, Ryan, Jam, and Aqil.

    Ferrol Thomas Avatar
    Ferrol Thomas
  • positive review Fantastic instructors, hilarious, with the know-how to back it up. Both are Rangemaster grads, and still pitch in with Tom Givens’ events. Go find a class. You won’t regret it!

    Memphis Beech Avatar
    Memphis Beech

    One of the most highly educated firearms instructors in the country, with a gift for teaching!!

    Richard Smith Avatar
    Richard Smith

    Definitely worth your time regardless of being a newbie or someone who is familiar with firearms. Go see Aqil, Marv, and Tiff at CSA. They are all attentive and informative. You won’t regret it. I am a CCW permit holder from CO and needed the TN handgun safety course to apply for my CCW here in TN. Some of the textbook info was a refresher, but I also obtained some very constructive feedback that helped... Read More

    Jason Winsett Avatar
    Jason Winsett
  • If you really want to learn carry a gun and defend yourself go to Citizens safety Academe aqil Qader h's a more than wonderful teacher and everyone who works with him really learned a lot This guy does not let you go before you understand everything honestly...
    With thanks and appreciation.

    Hana Thayab Avatar
    Hana Thayab

    This was the best time spent on handgun safety to earn a permit to carry! I plan on using the services much more in the future. The instructor earned my trust immediately. I have no reason to look any further for firearm training or advice.

    Elicia Powell Avatar
    Elicia Powell

    positive review My REVIEW is a BLOG I just wrote = 5 STARS!!!

    Shelley Luehder Hill Avatar
    Shelley Luehder Hill
  • positive review This is an extremely interesting and well run course. The teaching techniques are outstanding, I have been an NRA Certified Training Counselor for more than 40 years and found this course valuable in improving my techniques and learning newer ways of helping students to learn. Well worth the investment.

    Budd Schroeder Avatar
    Budd Schroeder

    positive review If you're looking for a fun and knowledgeable class to get your gun permit, this is the one to pick! My dad and I learned a lot and had a fun time while doing it. The 8 hours went by quick.

    Heather Adams Avatar
    Heather Adams

    This is the class to take! Aqil makes you feel so comfortable and safe. He's amazing. His years of experience make him a great instructor. Looking forward to taking more classes from him.

    Karen Stutzman Quant Avatar
    Karen Stutzman Quant
  • positive review Simply put, the staff at CSA are absolutely superb. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, they have the kind of high standards that will make you into a better (and safer) shooter. Whether you've never touched gun in your life, or you're trying to find room for your 2nd gun safe, the Citizens Safety Academy is the place for you. Many thanks to Tiffany, Aqil, Ryan, and Jam for the excellent service and professional instruction.

    John Charles Sartain Avatar
    John Charles Sartain

    Very knowledgeable and professional instructor! Highly recommended!

    Joe Porter
    Certified NRA Instructor & NRA Training Counselor ( Instructor's Instructor)

    Joe Porter Avatar
    Joe Porter

    If you are looking to learn to enhance the safety of yourself and your loved ones, CSA is THE place to go! Not only did Aqil teach me the skills I needed to save my job, he taught me a skill set that could potentially save a life. Is there a better set of skills to have? Go see him!

    Crissy Rogers Avatar
    Crissy Rogers
  • Aqueel is the best! Great instructor and all around great guy! I was able to pass my Requalification test for my employer to land a awesome job! I recommend him to anyone especially the ladies if your not good with shooting.

    Krystal Montgomery Avatar
    Krystal Montgomery

    positive review great instructors, training, culture and just all around good people to work with!

    Dre Drennon Avatar
    Dre Drennon

    I am someone that has been afraid of guns and gun culture for a while. I knew that if I was going to find a place to learn I wanted it to be a safe and supportive environment led by people that know their stuff and can meet students where they're at. I am so happy I decided to do my carry permit class at Citizens and I will definitely be back for more advanced... Read More

    Maria Bascetta Avatar
    Maria Bascetta

Google Reviews

  • I took a Women’s only handgun safety class with my two girl friends this past week and I have to say I really enjoyed it! Before this, I wasn’t comfortable being around a gun and now I am. Tiffany was our instructor and not only the class was informative, but it was fun and laid back. I left out of there with confidence in knowing how to handle a gun. I would totally recommend this class and any other classes they have for anyone.

    Nora Vongphakdy Avatar
    Nora Vongphakdy

    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The master teacher inspires.
    Aqil, Tiffany, and Ryan inspire their students to do more and be better. So many people want the power without the process. These master instructors emphasize the process and make it easier than you can imagine.
    And they accomplish all of this in a safe, fun, and relaxed environment.

    Clay Howell Avatar
    Clay Howell
  • Very patient and informative, taking the time to explain a question when asked. He made sure that you understood the law relating to gun safety and what was expected. I was very impressed by his knowledge and the instruction that he provided. If I ever felt like I needed a refresher course I would attend again. All i can say is thank you.

    Alisa Smith Avatar
    Alisa Smith

    Just took this class today and it was just phenomenal. I couldn't suggest a better place to get your carry permit. The instruction was professional, in-depth, serious and fun at the same time. We learned a lot and I'm ex-military. You will come out feeling much better about firearms and your ability to carry and use them. And we all passed with flying colors!

    David Hall Avatar
    David Hall
  • Thank you Citizens Safety Academy and our instructor, Aqil for customizing a class around family's difficult schedule. Thank you your years of public service and the thorough instruction you gave to us in the Enhanced Permit Class. What an awesome experience. I feel certain we will be returning for more training with you. Blessings.

    Trayc Hostetter Avatar
    Trayc Hostetter

    Walked out of the class and off the range with that beginner sense of confidence. Confident that I have a solid base to start off on. Clear and interesting instructions. Learned a lot and eager to get on to the ATP1 class. Thanks Ryan!

    Cathy Weav Avatar
    Cathy Weav
  • This class is most definitely the BEST around and not to mention worth every penny. All of the instructors are VERY knowledgeable and thorough. They take their time to make SAFETY AWARENESS the #1 priority. Although we did learn to shoot a weapon this class is much MORE. Its about taking responsibility for EVERY BULLET that is fired from your weapon. Be ready to learn from the Best in the Business when you sign up with this crew!

    Melissa Thomas-Brown Avatar
    Melissa Thomas-Brown

    Fantastic instructors, hilarious, with the know-how to back it up. Both are Rangemaster grads, and still pitch in with Tom Givens’ events. Go find a class. You won’t regret it!

    Memphis Beech Avatar
    Memphis Beech
  • Fantastic place to go for firearms classes and training. Knowledgeable instructors, extremely inviting atmosphere, and genuinely enjoyable experience. For most places the thought of an 8 hour course is at best daunting, at worst a chore. Here however, it is fun, inclusive, informative, and you never feel like you are being lectured or bored in the class. The whole staff was readily available to answer any and all questions, and adapted well to all the varying skill levels of participants. As a lifelong shooter myself, it was refreshing to see instructors that respected my knowledge and taught new skills, all... Show More

    Enyo Sarac Avatar
    Enyo Sarac

    Tiffany and Aqil bring unsurpassed professionalism and years' of experience teaching hundreds of students to the classroom. They possess a depth and breadth of knowledge seldom encountered in a field too often occupied by mediocrities and wannabes. The lectures are delivered in a conversational manner that encourages student participation and keeps the material interesting. Their reassuring demeanor on the range makes even the most apprehensive new shooter feel comfortable and welcome. Highly recommended.

    J Grant Avatar
    J Grant
  • If I could give more stars I would. We took our TN handgun safety class. The instructors are very knowledgeable and competent at what they do. I have a military background and have already met my requirements, so I actually did not even need to take the class. I took the class anyway with my wife and enjoyed every minute. Went over laws, safety, parts, and fundamental weapons handling and learned alot. I definitely recommend this place and well be looking forward to booking more classes through them

    Bruce Praseutsinh Avatar
    Bruce Praseutsinh

    I highly recommend this Company and it's Instructors!!!! Excellent and Professional, Wow is all I can say, I was so nervous when I went to this class and Aqil and Jam were great with me and my daughter. After attending this class I was over excited and nervous, it felt like a bucket of water had been poured over my head, I was sweating hard at the range. lol These guys really go out of their way to help you to be comfortable and at ease on the range. I will be attending all of... Show More

    Dana Shields Avatar
    Dana Shields
  • I began shooting about a year ago and did some research and found Aquil. I've taken several of his classes so far, and his teaching technique is one that I appreciate as a female and I always feel comfortable and supported in broadening my education in the 2A lifestyle. CSA offers different classes and I plan on attending as many as possible. He makes learning fun, easy and most importantly safe! In short I highly recommend attending CSA.

    Jeanette Smith Avatar
    Jeanette Smith

    I throughly enjoyed my experience here. The instructors name was Ryan and his tonality when it comes to the gravity of things was perfect and he had the ability to be jovial throughout and make things fun too. I sincerely recommend going here I gleaned knowledge as well That I wasn’t anticipating. All in all great experience thank y’all.

    chase VanBurkleo Avatar
    chase VanBurkleo
  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped the class all the way through. The small class setting ensured that everyone learned what needed to be. Not only did he help with the knowledge skill, he helped with the technical skill as well.

    Austin Colbert Avatar
    Austin Colbert

    I attended the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting and the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor classes at this school. The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. The courses were well managed and organized. Not once was a firearms safety rule broken, and I was asked to do nothing unsafe. I've been to schools in the past that have asked me to perform questionable things and drills, there was none of that here. On the range the students are well managed and watched over. Overall a very good school, I will be going back for more classes.

    That Peeper Avatar
    That Peeper
  • The class was very good! Both instructors made me feel comfortable- never once felt intimidated or had fear! As a student my voice was heard! If I felt nervous or had a question at any time- the instructors immediately stopped and changed all that! I would definitely take classes with citizens safety academy and would highly recommend it!

    Stephenie Przybyla Avatar
    Stephenie Przybyla

    I believe that training improves your confidence as well as your skills to handle a firearm safely. I felt the professionalism of the instructors not only increased my knowledge, but provided me with the training to be a more responsible gun owner.

    Cheryl Gamble Avatar
    Cheryl Gamble
  • Great class!! I’m a beginner with guns and I def feel a lot more comfortable with guns. Great instructors and great atmosphere!!

    Essence Avatar

    I just experienced​ 3 days​ of instructions from Mr. Qadir and Ms. Johnson, and I couldn't say anything bad about the training even if I lied. I recommend them for anybody on any level. Great training, great and helpful instructions, these guys really know their stuff. I carry for a living and their basic pistol course was very enlightening for me. I had a GREAT weekend experience.

    Ali Muhammad Avatar
    Ali Muhammad