Kids and Guns

We often hear from parents who are nervous about their children being anywhere near firearms. We always encourage parents to be proactive about habituating safe practices and instilling in their children a healthy respect for firearms as early as possible. With early exposure and strict adherence to safety rules, children can be guided by their parents’ teachings rather than falling victim to the natural curiosity that always arises from lack of information.

The National Rifle Program has spent decades and millions of dollars developing the Eddie Eagle GunSafe© Program, an award-winning gun accident prevention program that teaches parents and children about firearm safety. The program features two excellent websites (one for parents and one for kids), and both are rich with informative, practical, interactive content that is easy to learn and remember. We highly recommend the Eddie Eagle Program to all parents of small children, even if there are no firearms in the home.

And if you’d like an in-person safety seminar geared specifically for children, CSA is happy to accommodate. Please see our Custom Services page or contact us for more information.