Instructor Training

Become an NRA-Certified Firearms Instructor

At CSA, we live by the “each one teach one” mantra. In keeping with that philosophy, we are proud to offer instructor credentialing under the NRA brand, which is by far the most widely-recognized and court-tested curriculum in the nation. Since 1871, the National Rifle Association has provided education and training in the safe and proper use of firearms. Knowing how to shoot is an important requirement for NRA instructors, but you will also need to know how to teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training Courses help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program.

NRA Instructor courses are discipline specific (pistol, shotgun, rifle, etc.). During the course, candidates will learn NRA policies and procedures; basic public speaking skills; training methodology; effective use of training teams and training aids; course organization and budgeting; and best practices in adult learning theory. Candidates will also receive NRA-sanctioned lesson plans and basic course student packets. In the instructor class, candidates will take turns working in teams and conducting portions of the course to demonstrate their teaching styles and abilities.

For more information on becoming an NRA-certified firearms instructor, please visit the NRA’s Instructor Courses webpage or contact us for more information. If you’re looking for a specific instructor course that you don’t see listed on our calendar, please let us know. Oftentimes, we can accommodate course requests with enough interest. We look forward to helping you earn the official credentials to spread your knowledge far and wide.

  • Solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills
  • Solid familiarity with the different action types in the discipline you wish to teach (pistol, rifle, etc.)
  • Demonstrated safe firearm handling skills
  • Pre-course questionnaires and qualification exercises
  • Successful completion of the Basic Course (student curriculum) in the discipline you want to teach
  • Successful completion of an NRA Instructor Training Course in the discipline you wish to teach