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OC Spray: Instructor Certification Course (Chuck Haggard)

December 16 @ 8:00 am - 6:00 pm CST


CSA is excited to welcome Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting for this unique one-day instructor certification course on OC spray and other less lethal tools. Chuck is nationally renown for his decades of experience with defensive use of oleoresin capsicum (O.C. spray or pepper spray). He personally designed this instructor course for private citizens who carry pepper spray regularly and aspire to teach others how best to utilize this essential tool.

From Chuck Haggard:

This class was created as an instructor-level course for covering the subject of less-than-lethal options for non-cops/CCW carriers, off-duty cops, and security guards. This class is suitable for anyone wanting to take a deep dive into the subject of avoiding being the victim of a street crime, or folks who are CCW or firearms instructors and who want to expand their knowledge base beyond the gun.

As I have noted in my short blocks on this subject at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, we should have options between “a harsh word and a gun.”

  • This class will run 8-10 hours, depending on student numbers, due to the extensive amount of drilling and material presented.
  • This course will cover the subject of less than deadly force defensive tools and tactics, with an emphasis on OC spray as a defensive tool.
  • Also addressed are ways to avoid becoming a crime victim, tactics of the street criminal, and the MUC paradigm (Craig Douglas‘s concept of Managing Unknown Contacts).
  • We’ll also cover how less-than-lethal weapons come into play for avoiding becoming a victim of violent crime, de-escalation tactics, verbal agility, transitioning to deadly force (if appropriate), product selection, low light issues, and interactive student scenario/skills drills.

Students will need to bring a dummy pistol and holster (if they are a CCW carrier, instructor, etc.) in order to fully participate in all of the drills. Otherwise only note taking materials are required.

There will be no live OC spray used in this training, only inert training spray units.

Chuck HaggardChuck Haggard has been active in private defensive training throughout his long career in urban law enforcement. After nearly thirty years of steady upward progression through the ranks of the Topeka Police Department, he ventured out on his own to pursue private training on a more regular basis. Chuck maintains his POST certification and stays active in the law enforcement community, but he now devotes even more time to training other police officers, military personnel, security forces, and private citizens on the art and science of personal defense. Below is an abbreviated list of some of Chuck’s credentials.

  • 28+ years with the Topeka Police Department, including posts as a Field Training Officer, Field Training Supervisor, Rangemaster/Armorer, Response Team (SWAT) squad leader and team leader, and Watch Commander (rising to the rank of Lieutenant)
  • Kansas Army National Guard (1985-1998)
  • National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC), National Trainer
  • Strategos International, Adjunct Instructor
  • Survival Operations System, Inc., Instructor/Board of Directors
  • Hardwire Tactical, Adjunct Instructor
  • Countless training courses and train-the-trainer courses from various reputable sources, including:
    • Rangemaster Firearms Training Services
    • Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa
    • HK International Law Enforcement Training Conference
    • HSS International
    • National Law Enforcement Training Center
    • Israeli Shooting International
    • Lethal Force Institute
    • Strategos International
    • Sure-Fire Institute
    • Active Countermeasures Systems
    • American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
    • Casco System (expandable baton)
    • Glock Academy
    • Safariland Training Group
    • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
    • National Rifle Association (several civilian and law enforcement instructor certifications)
    • PPCT Training Systems
    • Taser International

Chuck is certified as a civilian and law enforcement trainer on various weapon systems, including pistol, shotgun, rifle, carbine, oleoresin capsicum (O.C.), baton, and Taser. He is also skilled and experienced at teaching weapon retention, disarming, and other empty-hand techniques. He enjoys teaching and is proud to be able to contribute to this nation’s widespread community of responsible, law-abiding advocates of self-defense.

What to Bring:

Students will need to bring a dummy pistol and holster (if they are a CCW carrier, instructor, etc.) in order to fully participate in all of the drills. Otherwise only note taking materials are required.

To register for Chuck Haggard’s class, please click the image below to visit the Agile Training and Consulting Eventbrite Page. We hope to see you in class!


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