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Street Law for Gun Owners

December 3, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Do you understand the legal parameters of firearm ownership and concealed carry? Are you sure? Exercising your Second Amendment rights can be very liberating… unless you end up in jail. Check out this webinar for quick tips, resources, and Q&A on how to be both a gun owner and a law-abiding citizen.

So, you got a gun? Great! And you’re learning how to operate it safely? Fabulous! But do you know the legal rules of gun ownership? That’s what this webinar is all about! Recent events have sparked a massive influx of new gun owners nationwide. But it’s not enough to buy a firearm and practice at the range. A truly responsible gun owner must be able to find, understand, and apply the law. At Citizens Safety Academy, we train new permit holders every week, and many of them ask the same questions about legal principles affecting gun ownership and concealed carry – questions like…

  • Will my insurance cover me?
  • How should I handle traffic stops?
  • What if someone attacks my dog?
  • Can I post gun videos on social media?
  • What if my attacker is unarmed?
  • What if I have an old felony conviction?

In this webinar, we’ll cover all those questions and more. And since misinformation could land you in jail (or worse), we’ll also debunk some of the biggest legal myths we often see circulating around the internet. We will NOT be offering legal advice (you’ll have to hire a lawyer for that), but the webinar will include several segments of open discussion and Q&A.

Attend from anywhere!

This virtual seminar will take place online using Zoom video conferencing. We’ll meet on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 6:00pm Central (7:00pm Eastern, 4:00 Pacific). The session will last two hours. Pre-registration is required. 

On the day before the event, we will send all registered attendees a link by email. We’ll send the link to the email you provide on your registration form. Please do not share the link with others. If you know anyone who is interested in joining us, please invite them to register for the event.

New to Zoom? The resources posted below might help. However, you do NOT have to be a “tech whiz” to join the meeting. It’s very simple. Once we send you the link, all you have to do is make sure you’ve got a good internet signal, click the link, and enjoy the seminar!

To attend our online Street Law webinar, all you need is a reliable internet connection and an open mind. You can join from a mobile device, but it’s often easier to use a laptop or desktop. Questions will be typed in using Zoom’s Q&A chat feature, but if you’d like to be recognized to speak aloud, please make sure your microphone is also connected and working properly.

When you get ready to join the meeting, you might be prompted to install the Zoom software. That is totally optional, but using the software usually provides the smoothest experience on a Zoom video-conference call. If you like, you can go ahead and install the software ahead of time. If you’ll be using a regular computer, install the Zoom Client for Meetings. If you’re be using a mobile device, install the Zoom mobile app.

If you attend the seminar, do NOT have any firearms or ammunition anywhere in the room with you. This will not be a show-and-tell session. No attendees will be allowed to handle guns or ammunition during the seminar. If the event organizers suspect that anyone is handling guns or ammo, that person will be removed from the webinar.

Using Zoom isn’t difficult at all. Want to test it out before the seminar? Just click this link to give Zoom a whirl and see how easy it is to use.

We look forward to seeing you in class! If you have any trouble with the embedded registration form below, you can also register directly on our Eventbrite page (click here). Thanks!


CSA Online Webinar
Web link will be provided to all registered attendees before the event


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