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Image Based Decisional Drills “The Class” (Brian Hill)

May 7 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


CSA is excited to welcome Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant, and his ground-breaking Image Based Decisional Drills class where he uses dry fire exercises to help in making lethal versus non-lethal decisions quickly and with good outcomes.

Course Description:

Image Based Decisional Drills “THE CLASS” can be DRY PRACTICE or LIVE FIRE.


People carry a lot of gear but gear does not solve the problem….YOU do.

There are very few dry practice or range exercises for the private citizen that focus on making lethal, less than lethal and non lethal decisions quickly. Our 4 hour Image Based Decisional Drill CLASSES are intended to fill in the gap in learning how to make decisions using images to provoke a response, decide which TOOL to use, and then ACT on that decision. From the time that a bad guy chooses you, you will have a very limited amount of time to make a decision. THEY choose how and when. Your actions need to be confident, quick and decisive.

In all scenarios the image is happening to YOU, in front of YOU, beside YOU or behind YOU. YOU are your first responder and decisions need to be made quickly. Our Image Based Decisional Drill instructors are more like “guides” to help you before, during but MOSTLY AFTER you have worked through your scenario.


  • Classroom, = dry practice
  • Pressure testing under realistic time constraints with feedback for improvement.
  • Visual cueing
  • Pre-need decision making
  • Tool cycling
  • Distance management
  • Strategy changes

All levels of experience are welcome. The benefits are the same for everybody. The more experience you have, the more “tools” can be introduced. If you have training in additional areas of self protection like jacks, saps, edged weapons, etc. then add these to your scenario. Also, your cognitive stacking may be quicker and easier so challenge yourself!​

Brian Hill is the founder of the Complete Combatant, which focuses exclusively on training armed citizens to meet the challenges of defending themselves. Brian operates out of two locations: The Complete Combatant/Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is located in Kennesaw, GA; and he owns a private range in Dahlonega, GA. Brian offers force-on-force courses, mixed martial arts classes, proactive mindset lectures, and firearms training. He has been a full-time coach for 35 years and excels in helping people of all levels reach their goals by teaching them HOW to practice, HOW to measure their skills, and HOW to test themselves.

Weather Policy:

If the weather or driving conditions pose a threat to our students or our coaches then we will postpone class. If not, the class will go forth as scheduled rain or shine. This class will be held indoors in a classroom setting, so there should be few if any  issues with the weather.

Cancellation Policy:

If The Complete Combatant does not meet the required number of students within 7 days prior to class or we have to cancel for any reason then a FULL refund will be given to you or you may opt to attend a future class.

If you have to cancel for any reason up to 14 days prior to class then a FULL refund will be given to you. Anything UNDER 14 days then NO REFUND will be given, but you are invited to attend another class that The Complete Combatant offers within 6 months of the original class date. Please make note: if you have cancelled class twice then you will not be allowed to reschedule class a third time while “riding on” the original payment. You are most welcome on our range but you would need to register again at the regular class fee.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE ABOVE: If we have a SOLD OUT class, I will stop marketing and close down registration for that specific class since it is full. If you cancel anytime AFTER I have done this (no matter the “timeline”) then you will NOT receive a refund because I have closed down all avenues of marketing. Please make note: if you have cancelled class twice, then you will not be allowed to transfer that registration fee a third time. You are most welcome in our classes, but you would need to register again at the regular class fee.

To register for this class, please click the image below to visit The Complete Combatant’s Eventbrite page. We hope to see you in class!


Citizens Safety Academy
752 East Northfield Boulevard
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 United States
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