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NRA Basic CCW Course (Memphis)

January 31, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

NRA CCW Instructor Course

The goal of the NRA CCW Course is to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal protection. NRA CCW is a newly-developed curriculum that builds on the fundamentals taught in the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course and puts those skills into a defensive context for private citizens who carry concealed handguns. This course is eight hours in length, with a significant portion of the class spent on the range.

Some of the topics in the course include:

  • quick review from NRA Basic Pistol or TN Handgun Carry Permit class
  • safety, safety, safety
  • drawing from a holster (open and concealed)
  • defensive mindset
  • defensive accuracy and flash sight picture
  • emergency reloading
  • malfunction clearances
  • one-handed shooting
  • shooting from moderate distances (10-15 yards)
  • and much more!

Small classes ensure low student-to-instructor ratios for lots of individualized attention. The course concludes with a written test and a shooting qualification drill. Our patient instructors will be there to assist students every step of the way in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment.

Students will need:

  • a quality defensive handgun
  • a properly-fitted holster and belt
  • at least two extra magazines or speed-loaders (and a method of carrying them on your person)
  • roughly 150 rounds of ammunition
  • a cover garment for concealment
  • anything you need to keep yourself comfortable in the elements (we’ll spend several hours on an outdoor range)

If you don’t yet have a handgun or holster, we can lend you one of ours for this course (however, if you plan to continue on to the CCW Instructor course, you should have your own gear). Students may also purchase ammunition from us if necessary. Feel free to contact us for questions about equipment requirements, and please let us know in advance if you will need to borrow equipment or purchase ammo.

The NRA CCW course is modular and can be adjusted to different lengths, depending on which modules are included. For this CCW course, we are offering three modules for a total of four hours of instruction, including classroom lessons and live-fire drills on the range.

The NRA CCW course builds upon the skills taught in NRA Basic Pistol. Whereas Basic Pistol focuses on safety and pure marksmanship fundamentals, the CCW course puts those fundamental skills into a defensive context. This course is ideal for those who intend to carry a concealed handgun on their person, outside of the home.

There will be some review of general marksmanship (sight alignment, trigger control, etc.), but the primary focus of NRA CCW is defensive mindset and concealed carry techniques (presentation from a holster). There is no prerequisite for this class, but typically students should have some general familiarity with the five fundamentals of marksmanship. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to draw from the holster, please consider taking our NRA Basic Pistol class instead.

Every state has its own rules for handgun carry permit issuance. The NRA CCW class is designed to meet most states’ training requirements, and many states do accept it, but please do not make any assumptions. To find out for sure, contact the proper officials in your state to verify whether the CCW course will satisfy that state’s training requirement.

Tennessee has designed its own training course specifically for handgun carry permit applicants, so the CCW course is currently not accepted as a substitute. However, that might change in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Regardless of whether this course satisfies your state’s required training for concealed carry, it is an excellent primer for anyone who plans to go armed in public and wishes to do so safely and responsibly.

We look forward to seeing you in class! If you have any trouble with the embedded registration form below, you can also register directly on our Eventbrite page (click here). Thanks!


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